Thank you to the following staff who delivered the 2016 Melbourne Festival.

Artistic Director

Jonathan Holloway

Executive Director

Kath M Mainland CBE

Executive & Special Projects Assistant Michelle Tyson Clark
Strategic Partnerships Advisor Michael Daly


Head of Programming Mark Burlace
Senior Program Manager Brett McCallum
Program Manager Melanie Burge
Artistic Administrator Rose Harriman
Program Assistant Jessica Rupert
Artist Liaison Manager Lillian Birch
Artistic Associate Gideon Obarzanek
Producer—Contemporary Culture Danni Colgan
Producer—Visual Arts Anabelle Lacroix
Producer Edwina Lunn (to Aug)
Producer Julia Valentini


Head of Operations Donna Aston
Technical Manager Aaron Hock
Production Coordinator Beth Whiting
Operations Administrator Kath Fyffe
Production Managers Bianca Eden
  Genevieve Cizevskis
  Gene Hedley
Project Manager Jenny Vila
Risk Management Bill Coleby


Head of Marketing David Geoffrey Hall
Ticketing Manager Jerry Hodgins
Marketing Manager Dani Ricciardi
Senior Graphic Designer Kate Francis
Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Pirrie
Ticketing Services Coordinator Austen Ljiljak
VIP Ticketing Coordinator Danny Delahunty
Customer Service Assistant Rachel Echols
TS Publicity Tatia Sloley
  Mary Thompson
  Emma Costello
  Tiki Menegola
Festival Website Bravo!
Design Intern Zoe Hogan


Head of Partnerships Michelle Wild (from Aug)
Head of Development Nathan Reynolds (from Nov)
Private Giving Manager Rupert Sherwood
Partnerships Manager Andrea Stahel (to Aug)
Development & Events Coordinator James Ralston
Development Coordinator
Philippa O'Brien
Head of Development Stephanie Hamilton (to Aug)


Head of Finance & Corporate Services Bronagh O’Neill (to Aug)
Head of Finance & Corporate Services Brenda Fisher (from Sept)
Financial Accountant Athena Nguyen
Accounts Assistant Bec Greco
Reception & Office Administrator Sophia Hanover

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