With Bowie proving to be a real Starman and tickets for our two shows with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra selling in a crazy Fashion, we’ve had to make some Changes, adding a third and final performance for David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed at Hamer Hall on Monday 17 October. Yes, we are Heroes.

We're also excited to announce additions to our contemporary music line-up at The Toff in Town:

Camille O'Sullivan

Camille peppers her emotionally-charged performances with wicked humour to balance her fervour with a  touch of light. This ‘best of’ performance will feature interpretations of the music of Radiohead, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Jacques Brel and more—bringing eclectic characters to life through song.

The Benoît Charest Group

Montreal’s Oscar-nominated composer Benoît Charest has written over 20 film scores—including 2004’s acclaimed Triplets of Belleville. Benoît and friends (with special guest Peter Knight from the Australian Art Orchestra) will present two gigs, freely traversing late 60s to early 70s psychedelic-afro-funk-jazz and standards from the era.

Kaurna Cronin

Folk Alliance Australia Artist of the Year 2015 Kaurna Cronin performs at The Toff with special guests Ben Whiting and Rowena Wise. Back on home soil for the release of their album Southern Loss, Cronin and band are a new breed of Australia folk artists, set deep in contemporary Australian culture.

James Kenyon

Following in the tradition of Don Walker and Paul Kelly, James Kenyon threads narrative through music to tell Australian stories from a unique perspective and distinct voice. Songs of broad plains, bright sun, grit of bitumen and the exhilaration of speed, they traverse regret, grief and hope, singing of those who do not go gently into that good night.

Ajak Kwai

Ajak Kwai’s music is inspiring and soulful, infused with funky afro-beats representing the depth and richness of her South Sudanese roots. Singing in Arabic, Sudanese and English, Ajak conjures a vivid picture of her Dinka heritage. Music is the vehicle for her stories of extraordinary life experiences as a refugee, exiled from her home and her family.

All tickets on sale Friday 9 September at 9am.

Image | Camille O'Sullivan photo by James Baker


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