Between these worlds there is no ordinary continuity

Martina Copley

10—20 October


Between these worlds there is no ordinary continuity by Martina Copley is a sound installation responding to Chiharu Shiota’s The Home Within.

Chiharu says, ‘a thread can be a cut, a knot or a loop, or can be loose or sometimes tangled.’ So too can sound. A string of sounds and silence like a drawing in space. Sound that loops, sustains and stammers, resonates and strains and trails to stillness, only to take up again.

Weaving fragments of ritual sound from field recordings of Soto Zen, Shinto ceremony and Japanese Noh theatre, the threaded sound-silence structure of this composition is shaped by thresholds and the attention to entry and exit points they demand and mark.

Martina Copley is an artist, curator and writer working in film and sound, drawing and installation in the annotative space. She is a current PhD candidate at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Sound Assistance Daniel Jenatsch

IMAGE | Martina Copley