Cate Le Bon

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07 October


A hypnotic and mind-bending journey.

London In Stereo

The mischievous pop-rock of Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon might nod to the past, but a few bars is all it takes to convince you that she’s brewing up something that’s all her own.

In less than a decade a string of solo albums have quickly built a cult following around the now LA-based Le Bon, and collaborators ranging from the Manic Street Preachers to The Chemical Brothers have come knocking at her door.

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Ella Thompson’s debut record Janus is an assertive foray into the rocky road of maturation. Her lyrical inflections shifting between uncertain mutters, husky ruminations and empowered bellows. Her electro-melancholy piles in as much optimism as it can muster without forgetting a necessary dose of reality.

IMAGE | Ivana Kličković

The queen of Welsh psych-folk.