Grant-Lee Phillips

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20—22 October


Australian Exclusive

One of the most gifted songwriters of his generation.

ABC News

For more than 25 years Grant-Lee Phillips has been a river running through the American music landscape. From his seminal 90s band Grant Lee Buffalo through the woody, folky sounds of his later solo years, his music has tested the depths of alternative rock, pop, Americana and other modern traditions.

2012’s Walking in the Green Corn brought his own Native American heritage to the fore, while the assured, contemplative alt-country of freshly minted album The Narrows is evidence enough that he has secured a position among the American music greats.


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Matt is a songwriter whose swagger has taken him from the dusty influences of Townes Van Zandt, Ryan Adams and others, to the swirling urban chime of electric, ambient pop.

IMAGE | Denise Siegel