Lisa Gerrard

The Blank Page

19 October


Australian Exclusive

Gerrard’s voice, live, is a revelation.

Mess and Noise

For 35 years the unmistakable siren songs of Lisa Gerrard have enthralled listeners around the globe. As the voice of the iconic Dead Can Dance, through a slew of acclaimed solo albums and in groundbreaking film scores co-created with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone, this inimitable artist has carved a path as far-reaching as her own vocal range.

It is a rare occasion to see her perform in Australia.

This unmissable concert will feature works past and present, including songs from her Dead Can Dance collaborations, films such as Gladiator and Whale Rider, as well as works from an impressive solo catalogue.

Joined onstage by long—time creative associates Astrid Williamson, David Kuckhermann, Gabriella Smart, sound poets arf arf and others, Gerrard’s voice will be your guide on a voyage into the sublime.

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IMAGE | Clive Collier

Her gothic, tribal, mediaeval and operatically ornamented vocal lines are drenched in cathedral reverb.

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