All tickets go on sale on Friday 5 August at 9am. Here are some tips to make sure you can book your tickets easily.

1. Reset your password now

If you've purchased tickets online for Melbourne Festival before, chances are you have an account with us. If you think you might have forgotten your password, we recommend resetting it so you can log in as quickly as possible to secure your tickets. Reset your password now →

If you haven't purchased with us before—or can't remember—you can sign up now. Our system will tell you if you already have an account. Please note your ticketing account is separate to your My Events account.

2. The Echo of The Shadow and Funeral

If you are planning to purchase tickets for either The Echo of The Shadow or Funeral, please be aware that tickets for both events are extremely limited. You may not be able to secure tickets to your first preference, so be prepared to be flexible in your date/time selection.

3. Waiting Room

We know waiting sucks, but traffic to our online bookings tomorrow will be heavy and you may be forced into our waiting room. You will receive a unique position in the queue and as people in front of you complete their transaction, you will move ahead. Some people might be purchasing multiple events, so your progress through the queue may take some time.

Keep your browser window open at all times. If you're using a mobile or tablet, don't let your gadget go in to sleep mode or you may lose your position in the queue. Grab a cup of tea and please be patient!

4. Having problems?

Get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, or via our Contact Us page.


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