The Echo of The Shadow: The Audience Experience

22 October


Every heart is saddened when The Echo of the Shadow comes to an end.

Il Manifesto

The Echo of the Shadow is an experiential theatre production by Teatro de los Sentidos (Theatre of the Senses) in which audience members are invited to enter a sensorial labyrinth that has been created for one person to experience in isolation in 15 minute intervals. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s novel, The Shadow, a dark tale about a man who is afraid to follow his own, this immersive production is a physical journey designed to spark emotional responses in the participants.

At the end of the season, all audience members that attended The Echo of the Shadow are invited to share their personal experience of this unique theatre production with Director Enrique Vargas, hosted by our Artistic Director Jonathan Holloway.

Teatro de los Sentidos is an ensemble of international artists and researchers from various disciplines. Founded 25 years ago by anthropologist and Artistic Director Enrique Vargas, they have created 12 original, innovative and experiential works to date that open boundaries between theatre and audience using experimental methods of communication.

IMAGE | Francisco Javier Garcia
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