This workshop offers an insight into the strategies and methodologies that Gob Squad (War and Peace) use when creating new works. The sessions will explore Gob Squad's approach to text, video and action in the creation of touching, humorous and confessional performance works which mix reality with fiction. Gob Squad will introduce some of their methods and processes through a series of hands on, highly structured, improvisational exercises around the personal and the political. 

Textually we will look at ways of accessing and improvising with the autobiographic / subjective / confessional using various story-telling and interrogation techniques. Gob Squad is an arts collective based in Berlin, Germany that has been working together for over 20 years, and has been presented at Melbourne Festival in 2012 (Before Your Very Eyes).

They make both site-specific and theatre-based work and often use video to capture intimate and improvised encounters between performers, audience members or passers-by.

Workshop 1

Wed 19—Thu 20 Oct

Workshop 2

Fri 21—Sat 22 Oct

Cost $380 / $280 per person

Where The Coopers Malthouse 

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Strictly limited spaces.