Teatro de los Sentidos will be conducting a workshop on ‘POETICS OF THE SENSES’ for Melbourne-based artists.

Professional makers and artists of all ethnicities and backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Teatro de los Sentidos is an international group of artists-researchers based in Barcelona with 20 years of experience under the artistic direction of the Company’s founder, Colombian anthropologist and dramaturg Enrique Vargas. Their performance of Oráculos in the 1997 London International Festival of Theatre is hailed by some as the turning point in immersive theatre globally. They were previously presented in Australia by the Perth International Arts Festival, with Oráculos in 2012, and the 2016 Melbourne Festival presentation of The Echo of The Shadow marks their second visit to Australia.

Teatro de los Sentidos is especially keen on people with a multidisciplinary focus and experience in different artistic fields. Regardless of their training or field of expertise, all participants must feel comfortable working with their bodies and interacting with audience at a close distance. The workshop is based on the exploration of body memory, the potential of games as a transformation tool and a source of knowledge. The Company's work is aimed towards creating a poetic space rather than creating a narrative.

Some of the topics which will be explored in the workshop are: (a) How can we “model” the space? (b) How can we “sculpt” darkness? (c) How to charge a silence? (d) Memory and poetics of the body. At the end of the workshop four selected participants will be invited to work with the company in the production of The Echo of the Shadow.

The cost of participation in the workshop will be covered by the Festival. The four selected participants will be paid a fee for the duration of the production. All applicants to the workshop need to confirm their availability for all the workshop (20—23 September) and productions dates (28 September—26 October, inclusive). The workshops and rehearsals require a full-time commitment and there are strictly limited spaces.

Applications have now closed.

Register your application online before Sun 28 August. Selected participants for the workshop will be notified around Mon 29 August. The four selected participants for the production will be confirmed on Sat 24 September.